About Us

About Us
EG CLICK  Corporation is an Egyptian company specialized in the field of programming ,E-marketing "Soical media"  and web design

EG CLICK services :

First Section: Programming department and web design

The EG CLICK Corporation programming sites are full programming, where the company is building the structure of the site and design a fully enabling the client of the amendment and development on the site at any time, and also offers a sophisticated type of accompanied the entire administrative system sites (eg: a special system to come and to leave and Almhi to connect with fingerprint or camera), as well as offer special electronic management systems
Example: SNA) is easy and simple but high possibilities of minutes)

 The company accounts
 Commissions account for the sales team
 Taxes and other

Plus more different kinds of regimes that are commensurate with corporate activity, whether individual companies or group of interconnected companies across the network

Section II: e-marketing

EG CLICK Corporation has extensive experience in the world of e-marketing in all divisions
Social media

Social media
Since the EG CLICK Corporation has an experienced team high in the field of e-marketing, we conduct our marketing for your products through social networking in all the ways that aim to achieve a high level of deployment and targeting customers to sites where we are running campaigns on social networking sites to get the best result of the process of marketing

To hide the website owners the importance of the appearance of your site on the front page, bringing the number of visitors to your site and then increase your sales as no statistical Google says that 85% of visitors to the sites on a search engine is through the results of the archive process and not through paid advertising, but rather are resort to advertisements paid for the marketing of a specific product or until the appearance of the site advanced the results through the archive process and this is the other side of the e-marketing or digitalis Markiing, where Target Corporation has a dedicated team in the field of archive sites on Google, making it easier on your site to appear on the first page in Google the words that You want to appear in the first page

E-mail Marketing
Email Marketing important way of marketing and bring distinguished clients, but in order to achieve satisfactory results in the marketing process via e-mail must possess several advantages'll be found at the team EG CLICK Corporation, and among these features that must be available

We offer you a unique and broad and effective database
Send Alaimlat attractively and coordinated with the choice of a distinctive title helps to attract the attention of customers is a strong and effective
Send an email to the inbox and not in the spam
The possibility of providing a detailed report contains (time send email -oukt receiving email - reading time) mm

EG CLICK Corporation provides you with the possibility of sending messages from our website through set up an account and recharge your account and work advertising campaigns via SMS, also provide property are uniquely out from our competitors and are reporting property where you can site of knowledge messages that have been received, as well as which have been reading it detailed